Welcome to MovieRailroad.com

The Sierra Railroad Company has extensive experience hosting film productions.  This website was created to offer information about filming at our Northern California railroads.  Our company has hosted over 300 movies, television shows and commercials since 1916.  

Many of the shows were filmed on the historic Sierra Railroad (Oakdale to Sonora, CA) that we own & operate.  This 49-mile branch offers a tremendous variety of locations as it winds from the Central Valley into the Gold Country  Foothills.  

We have also filmed dozens of productions on the Skunk Train (Willits to Fort Bragg, CA).  This branch winds across the Coastal Mountain range, through California Redwood forests, over 22 bridges, into 1000’ long tunnels and finally ending near the Pacific Ocean.

The Sacramento RiverTrain branch (West Sacramento to Woodland, CA) runs through farm country, along rivers and over the longest wooden trestle in the West.   

Besides these branches, we also operate at ports, military bases, and more.  We have a variety of historic and modern equipment, 100s of miles of railroad, historic train stations, and quite a variety of locations.