Freight Cars

We have a wide variety of rolling stock

No matter what era you’d like to simulate, the railroad has the freight cars on the Ventura, Sacramento, and Oakdale divisions to make your vision a reality. If you don’t see what you need here, contact us, we can probably get it for you!

Southern California - Ventura Division

Movie railroad sierra northern car 680 Flatcar
680 Flatcar
Sierra Northern car 681 Flatcar
681 Flatcar
Sierra Northern car 877 Reefer
877 Reefer
Sierra Northern car 1001 Ballast
1001 Ballast
Sierra Northern car 1002 Ballast
1002 Ballast
Sierra Northern car 1003 Ballast
1003 Ballast
Movie railroad Sierra Northern car 1004 Ballast
1004 Ballast
Sierra Northern car 8803 Tankcar
8803 Tank car
Sierra Northern Movie Railroad hopper cat
71075 Bottom dump hopper

Northern California - Sacramento Division

301 Boxcar - Woodland
2054 Tank car - Woodland
2054 Tank car - Woodland

Northern California - Oakdale Division

8000 Boxcar - Oakdale Division
8000 Boxcar - Oakdale Division