Sierra Northern
is Hollywood's railroad.
We have the trains for your movie, TV, or commercial project.

Man and woman waiting for train

You've probably seen us before

The Sierra and Sierra Northern Railway have a decades-long connection with Hollywood. In fact, we’ve been hosting movie production since the 1930s. If you’ve seen “O Brother, Where Art Thou?” or the Western classic “High Noon,” you know why we’re The Movie Railroad.

In addition to our Southern California facilities in the Santa Clara River Valley convenient to Los Angeles, we have additional properties in Northern California in close proximity to San Francisco, Oakland, and the rest of the Bay Area with great equipment and spectacular locations.

Let us assist with your movie, TV, or commercial production. Check out our equipment and facilities. If you don’t see what you need, ask us – we have connections and can probably get what you want!

We're in the Los Angeles Studio Zone and can provide: